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When Sarah met Maddy, we found a cheerleader in one another and realised something important: –  most of us, as women, have never known what that’s like …  What it’s like to have women in our life who adore us, who have our back and, most importantly, want us to succeed.

So, as a result, Sarah and Maddy created The School of Feminine Arts so you can have your very own, ‘We adore you, think you’re marvellous, cheerleading squad.

Meet Our Team




Maddy Michi is the cat’s pyjama’s and kitty-got-creme of feminine sensuality and intimacy coaching. As our very own Somatic Sexological Bodyworker, and Relationship expert she’s our girl for all things juicy, sensual and downright delicious.




If you’re wanting to achieve all those things you dreamed of achieving but had long-since-forgotten, Sarah Clarke is our very own psychology engineer; she’s the feather duster of your dreams; the fairy-godmother of goodness.

A Somatic Sexologist & Psychology Trainer

…  We’ve created the School of Feminine Arts for every woman who wants more. More fun, more laughter, more belonging and, while we’re at it, more intimacy and more fulfilling sex. And embodying and valuing our own feminine energy!

Our extensive Feminine Arts Training Program is designed for you to get more from your life, love and sex-life. Why not live your dreams. You will receive a first-hand experience of tuning into yourself and rediscovering how amazing you are. All the while you’ll be surrounded in your very own tribe of, ’we-think-you’re-freakin-amaaaaaaazing’ cheerleaders, who will have your back, teach you everything you need to know, and hold your hand, every step of the way.

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The Art of Authenticiy

The frightening thing about transforming yourself into your most spectacular version is you’re at the brink of the unknown. To be yourself unabashedly, means you’ll be an utterly unique version of yourself. You have no idea if you’ll be warmly received for the...

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The Feminine Secret to Transformation

Lets face it -  We’re pioneers, you n’ I. Everyday we wake up facing a brand-new-day. A day in which we can do anything, be anyone, fly anywhere. But do we? Chances are we wake up today and recreate a very similar day to yesterday. Weirder still, many of us didn’t...

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