The Art of Authenticiy

The frightening thing about transforming yourself into your most spectacular version is you’re at the brink of the unknown. To be yourself unabashedly, means you’ll be an utterly unique version of yourself. You have no idea if you’ll be warmly received for the uniqueness you are becoming, or not.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to set firmer boundaries with people; say ‘no’ when you mean it. ‘Yes’, when you want too. ‘Bugger off’ when its necessary. It all sounds easy enough but what will your mother say when she asks you over for Sunday lunch and you have the audacity to say, ‘no thanks’. The result could be ugly. Fear of rejection means we slam ourselves shut and often find ourselves saying “yes” when we’d far rather say no and curiously, how often do we say ‘no’ when we could be saying, “yes please!”. The most common place we say ‘no thanks; is to new experiences. A fresh-water river swim for example. Certainly we know it’d be rejuvenating and, if we’re honest, the highlight of our week so why, oh why, do we find ourselves sitting, shore-side, luxuriating in the spectator seat of our lives? As children we were fascinated by new things and yet, as we become older, we shy away from things unfamiliar. They’re unknown, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous so we take the safety seat in our lives because we worry, if we stick our neck out, it could get loped off. 

In addition, we remain comfortably morphed into different versions of people we’ve seen before. If our mother retreats into hulking silence when hurt, we find ourselves doing the same. Or perhaps our father worked mercilessly, without ever standing up for himself, or his dreams. One day we look at the people we swore we’d never become and realise we’ve become them regardless. There is a part of our brain which is responsible for keeping us safe. It is the reptilian part of our mind. It keeps us doing what we’ve always done, avoids new situations and unfortunately, it costs us an increased quality of life and other times, those bad habits of ours? They cost us our relationships.

Consider those moments in life where you could have said ‘yes’ and instead shy’d away with a ‘no’.

Consider the relationships you’ve squandered through poor choices and pressing re-run play, on old, outdated behaviour, learned from the past.

If you’re ready for a new life, its quite simple. 

Say yes.
Say no
Say bugger off.
Say sorry.

In those moments in life where you think ‘oh no, here I go again’. Those moments which feel familiar and negative, try doing something else instead.

Negative emotion means there is something going on for you. Name the emotion. Ask yourself what you need to feel better and then, take action. 

The Art of Authenticity is for every woman whose looking to get better results in life, love and relationships. Through acknowledging negative emotion, asking yourself what you need and then achieving it, your life will steadily improve. Bad moods that used to last days, now last minutes. Relationships that could have floundered on bad behaviour are rejuvenated by new choices and suddenly you’re saying ‘yes’ to new experiences, broadening your horizons and growing as a character.

Recognising negativity and taking responsibility for converting it to happiness means you will be stepping into the unknown, and into new versions of yourself. There is nothing to loose. You know the other road. You’ve walked those familiar paths many times before so and so instead, try something else on for size. 

You’re sulking? Try dancing.
You’re angry? Try laughing.
You’re blameful? Try nature.

There are always options and the happiest and most resourceful women on the planet are those who chose to do things that make them feel better. Become one of them, your life depends on it.