25 Suggestions for Success in Life, Love & Relationships

  1. Marry the right person.  Yes, there’s no guarentee’s but, if in any doubt, don’t do it!
  2. If you don’t enjoy what you do, stop it. The surest way to waste your life is to spend it doing something that does not fill your heart up. 
  3. Give people more than they expect.  Butf i you cant do it joyfully, don’t bother.  Action  without love in our heart builds resentment and kills love. 
  4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know. Then find like minded women to surround yourself with. Lets face it. They’ll be positive and enthusiastic. Can’t go far wrong with that crowd!
  5. Forgive people.  Yeah, I know people are hideous sometimes. To be honest, so are you. 
  6. Be generous but only if it feels comfortable and if not, don’t bother (refer #3)
  7. Live in gratitude.  If your’re struggling to feel grateful start everyday with x10 things you love about your life, you won’t believe how quickly life changes. 
  8. Be brave.
  9. Be honest
  10. Do things only when you’ve considered how they’ll make you feel in hinesight. Yes, that drink might seem like a good idea until morning. Don’t drink it. That bad boy might seem utterly beguiling until the restraining order. Don’t do it. 
  11. There are only 3 things in life you must never lose. Your courage, your self awareness and your dignity. 
  12. Save regardless of your income level. If you save 10% of your income in 10 years that’ll be a whole years income. Its worth it. You’re worth it.  
  13. Remember your parents might have done it one way, you can do it another. 
  14. Commit yourself to small, daily steps, in the direction of your wildest dreams. 
  15. Commit to surrounding yourself to the things you love. If you don’t love it, let it go.
  16. Understand that happiness is not based upon possessions, power or prestige, its based around a happy heart.  So look after those you love, they’re’ the gold you’re mining your life for. 
  17. Be loyal.  Never speak badly of anyone. There’s no faster way to diminish yourself in the eyes of the world than to be a turn-coat. 
  18. Be honest.  Only cowards lie. 
  19. Be a self-starter.  Start.  Stop putting off the exercise regime, the business pursuit, the book you brought and haven’t got around to read yet.  No one gets anywhere new if they’re doing the same things as yesterday. 
  20. Be decisive.  Even if you’re wrong at least you’re moving. 
  21. Stop blaming anyone. You’re not a victim. Take responsibility for your situation or  you’re a loser. 
  22. Be bold.  Push your envelope. Expand your comfy zone and grow your character. 
  23. Take care of those you love.  Oh, I mentioned that. Well, its so important it deserves a second mention. Write more love letters, buy more gifts, say more kindneses, rave about them more. Cuddle, listen and attend sports day. Without people to love us we become invisibile.  No one likes being invisible. 
  24. Don’t do anything you need to lie about.  It’ll corrode you from the inside out. 
  25. Drink more water, eat less processed food, laugh more.