The Feminine Secret to Transformation

Lets face it –  We’re pioneers, you n’ I. Everyday we wake up facing a brand-new-day. A day in which we can do anything, be anyone, fly anywhere. But do we? Chances are we wake up today and recreate a very similar day to yesterday. Weirder still, many of us didn’t  enjoy ourselves yesterday! We drank too much, spent too much, ate too much and yet, here we are again, free as a bird but acting like a turkey.

“Birds, who can fly anywhere, come back to the same tree to roost” – L.H Sin

One day we look back on our lives and realise that although the characters might have changed, ultimately our life hasn’t changed much at all.

Why is that?  . . . Have you ever noticed you get rushes of inspiration?

‘Right! I’m getting out of bed early tomorrow’. The alarm goes off and we think ‘yeah, nah’ and promptly turn it off again.  

‘I’m getting a new job’
‘I’ll start exercising’

But strangely, we don’t. Or, at best, we commit to them for a while and then sink back to things familiar. Then, before we know it, we’re feeling kinda down on ourselves because we know what we need to do, and wonder why we’re not actually doing it.

It’s not your fault. Its your brain’s fault. 

Are you consciously responsible for the digesting of your food, the pumping of blood round your body or the filtering of oxygen from the air? Of coarse not. There is a huge part of your survival which is managed unconsciously and curiously, its this unconscious functioning which talks you out of making changes in your life. Its called the Cerebral Cortex and it cares about only one thing – 


Nope, nope and, no.  This part of your brain cares only about your survival and its mentality? If it didn’t kill me, repeat it. 

This part of your brain loves your habits, even the  terrible ones! It doesn’t care about your waistline, your self esteem, your health. It cares about keeping you alive. Its responsible for one thing; survival. 

Your brain has 3 parts:

  1. The Reptilian Mind
  2. The Monkey Mind
  3. The Humanitarian Consciousness

The Reptilian and Monkey parts of your brain see all new things as a threat to your survival and are literally,  terrified of change. Their mentality is, ‘hey, we ate KFC yesterday, we survived. If we eat a salad today then who knows what could happen? Eat the KFC!’

However, we can change that. 

Whenever you feel yourself moved to make a change, and notice you’re struggling, as taught by Mel Robbins, count backwards from 5. 

5-4-3-2-1 and then take action. Suddenly it’ll be easy to not have the cigarette, rise early or avoid the chocolate bar.  

The reason we count backwards is because it activates our conscious, Humanitarian part of our mind and by-passes the unconscious reptilian and monkey parts. The Humanitarian Mind, the Pre-Frontal Cortex, isn’t  scared of change. It knows getting out of bed early is not going to kill you of the sensibility of giving up smoking. Suddenly change is easy, we’re taking steps in the right direction and our self confidence rises. 

Next time you find yourself struggling to kick a habit, instead of listening to the part of your brain whose fiercely telling you to do what you did yesterday, count backwards from 5. 

5-4-3-2-1 and take action. Suddenly it’ll be easy to step into the life of your dreams because living the life of your dreams is becoming a woman in charge of her destiny. 

5-4-3-2-1 and go.