School of Feminine Arts

For the insanely busy 21st Century woman

A modern day solution

Overcome the busy-ness and loneliness of an overloaded life.

Celebrate the feminine

More friendship, laughter, belonging, intimacy, joy

Hello. Welcome to the School of Feminine Arts

The School of Feminine Arts provides online and real-time workshops, events and training for the insanely busy 21st Century woman whose tired of ‘giving her all’ and is instead ready to ‘receive her all’ from her life, love and relationships.

Established in 2017 as a modern day solution for the busy-ness and loneliness of an overloaded woman’s life, our programs span pleasure, femininity, relationships and friendship. We support every woman who wants more: more fun, laughter, belonging, intimacy and joy.

 What we do

Dust off your dreams. Unleash your passion.

Marriage, Singledom, Children, Career – the modern gal has a lot going on. The truth is, regardless of how peachy cream our life looks from the outside, at times it can feel a struggle.  We’re bored. Feel we’re missing out. Feel stretched in all directions. Self-doubt and self-deprecation can creep in.

We’re here to change that. To support you revitalising, recalibrating, reawakening – and finding a great sister-tribe with whom to do it! To fall in love with yourself. Heal your past. Revolutionise your future.

Are you feeling?


Do you sometimes find yourself thinking ‘really?
Is this it?’


Are you ‘crazy busy’? Has time for yourself become a distant dream?


To amazing new friendships with amazing new women


Can you even remember your life’s aspiration? Your goals?
Your dreams?


Does your sex life need spicing, dicing and revolutionising?


To new friends, experiences and new opportunities

We’re about Empowering You


Knowing your worth
Honouring your worth


Awareness of what you need
Asking for what you need


Changing what you don’t like
Owning your outcomes


Manifesting what you desire
Expressing gratitude


Speaking your truth
Compassionate, radical honesty


Feeling your feelings
Trusting your body wisdom

Latest News

The Art of Authenticiy

The frightening thing about transforming yourself into your most spectacular version is you’re at the brink of the unknown. To be yourself unabashedly, means you’ll be an utterly unique version of yourself. You have no idea if you’ll be warmly received for the...

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The Feminine Secret to Transformation

Lets face it -  We’re pioneers, you n’ I. Everyday we wake up facing a brand-new-day. A day in which we can do anything, be anyone, fly anywhere. But do we? Chances are we wake up today and recreate a very similar day to yesterday. Weirder still, many of us didn’t...

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